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  1. Honig Krul Vermicelli
  2. Honig Mie (Noodles)
  3. Conimex Bahmi Goreng

    Conimex Bahmi Goreng Mix

    Conimex Bahmi Goreng (Dutch Indonesian) - 1.7 oz. Seasonings and veggies for Indonesian fried noodles. Learn More
  4. Conimex Nasi

    Conimex Nasi Goreng Mix

    Conimex Nasi Goreng (Dutch Indonesian) - 1.75 oz. A delicious blend of seasonings and vegetables to make your Indonesian fried rice perfect! Learn More
  5. Honig Nasi
  6. Honig Bahmi Goreng Special
  7. Asian Gormet Satay

    Asian Gourmet Satay

    Asian Gourmet Satay (Dutch) - 1.75 oz. A slightly spicy peanut marinade for your pork or chicken. Marinade your meat and thread onto wooden skewers. Then Grill or Broil to desired doneness. Serve your Satay alongside Nasi or Bahmi Goreng. Learn More
  8. Ketjap Medja No.1
  9. Verstegen Gehakt Spices
  10. Speculaas Kruiden
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