Ontbijt (Breakfast)

Start out your day with a traditional European Breakfast. It really does do the body good.

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  1. De Ruijter - Extra Puur Hagel
  2. Lotus Crunchy Biscoff
  3. Lars - Scandinavian Honey
  4. Calve Pindakaas

    Calve Pindakaas

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    Special Price: $8.85

    Calve Pindakaas (Dutch) - 350 g. This Creamy Dutch Peanut Butter is not as sweet as American Peanut Butter. Make an extra special treat by layering it on a sandwich with De Ruijter Puur or Melk Hagel Slag. Learn More
  5. Milk Hagel

    De Ruijter Melk Hagel Slag

    De Ruijter Melk Hagel Slag 14 oz. (Holland) Yummy dutch milk chocolate sprinkles that are eaten at the breakfast meal in Holland. Dutch people love them on the traditional dutch rusk or sprinkle them on buttered toast. One of our favorite lunch sandwiches is peanut butter sprinkled with hagel slag. They taste amazing! They're also a fun decoration for cakes or cupcakes. Learn More
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  6. Bolletje Whole Wheat Dutch Rusk
  7. De Ruijter Bos Vruchten Hagel

    De Ruijter Bos Vruchten Hagel

    De Ruijter Bos Vruchten Hagel (Dutch) - 8.6 oz. One of De Ruijter's newest flavors, Forest Berry! You can really taste the strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Great on Dutch Rusk! Learn More
  8. Hero Appel Stoop
  9. Crispbread Round
  10. Norwegian Lefse
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