Ontbijt (Breakfast)

Start out your day with a traditional European Breakfast. It really does do the body good.

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  1. De Ruijter Blue en White Muisjes
  2. Kuchenmeister Marzipan Cake
  3. Brandt Zwieback

    Brandt Zwieback Toast

    Brandt Zwieback Toast (German) - 8 oz. A crisp German breakfast toast. All ages can enjoy it for a German breakfast, but it's great for babies. Learn More
    Out of stock
  4. Feldkamp 3 Grain Bread
  5. Vander Muelen Dark Rye Bread
  6. Bolletje Honey Cake

    Bolletje Honey Cake

    Bolletje Honey Cake (Dutch) - 12 oz. Breakfast cake flavored with honey. To Serve: Slice Bolletje Honey cake and slather with softened butter. Learn More
    Out of stock
  7. Bolletje-Dutch Rusk

    Bolletje-Dutch Rusk

    Bolletje Dutch Rusk (Dutch) - 3.5 oz. A Dutch breakfast must! Try topping Bolletje Dutch Rusk with De Ruijter Hagel Slag. Another great use for these are to crush them up to a fine panermeel (bread crumb) for coating Kroketten. Learn More
  8. Mors Flatbread, Extra Thin
  9. Norwegian Lefse
  10. Crispbread Round
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