Sinterklaas Dag and Christmas Treats

Sinterklaas is coming on the 5th of December! We have all the treats you loved eating during your childhood celebrations. If you don't see something you remember, give us a call at (800)673-0028 and most likely we have it in the store.

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  1. Milk Chocolate Clogs
  2. De Ruijter Anijs Staafjes
  3. Boter Letter (stick)
  4. Taaipop


    Out of stock
  5. Milk Chocolate Clogs- Blue Box
  6. Boter Letter (Ring)
  7. Schlunder Chocolate Pfeffernusse
  8. Oliebollen Mix
  9. Oebel Butter Stollen
  10. Oebel Marzipan Stollen
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