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  1. Inside Old Amsterdam

    1 lb Piece Aged Gouda Cheese

    Aged 2 years, this hard Dutch cheese has a nice bite. It is best served before a meal with your your favorite dry red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Learn More
  2. Inside Med. Leiden
  3. Mild Leiden Cheese inside

    1/4 Wheel Mild Leiden Cheese

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    Special Price: $36.90

  4. Almond Fingers

    Almond Fingers

    Almond Fingers (Dutch) - 9.8 oz / 6 cookies per package. A finger shaped, almond filled cookie that is deliciously soft. Enjoy Almond Fingers with your afternoon tea. Learn More
  5. Almond Rounds

    Almond Rounds

    Almond Rounds (Dutch) - 9.8 oz / 6 cookies per package. These are a round almond filled cookie which are also known as Gevulde Koek. Enjoy Almond Rounds with your after dinner coffee. Learn More
  6. Amsterdam Rounds (out of package)

    Amsterdam Rounds

    Amsterdam Rounds (Dutch) - 9.8 oz. / 6 cookies per package. A round, almond cookie that is very cake like. Keep a package of Amsterdam Rounds on hand in case of unexpected afternoon guests. Learn More
  7. Bolletje Honey Cake

    Bolletje Honey Cake

    Bolletje Honey Cake (Dutch) - 12 oz. Breakfast cake flavored with honey. To Serve: Slice Bolletje Honey cake and slather with softened butter. Learn More
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  8. Bolletje-Dutch Rusk

    Bolletje-Dutch Rusk

    Bolletje Dutch Rusk (Dutch) - 3.5 oz. A Dutch breakfast must! Try topping Bolletje Dutch Rusk with De Ruijter Hagel Slag. Another great use for these are to crush them up to a fine panermeel (bread crumb) for coating Kroketten. Learn More
  9. Coppenrath Gazer Ringe

    Coppenrath Grazer Ringe

    Coppenrath Grazer Ringe (German) - 14 oz. A classic shortbread ring. Learn More
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  10. Speculaas

    De Ruijter Banket Speculaas

    De Ruijter Banket Speculaas (Dutch) - 14 oz. A Windmill or spice cookie that is delicious with hot Coffee. It is also a great treat for your kids to give when they are doing a project on Holland at school. There are 35 cookies in each package. Learn More
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